Hemodialysis Unit



Dialysis Center –The Dialysis Center is one of the best in the region. With 11 beds in the main center, 1 bed designated for ICU and 1 bed for HIV patients, the center can cater to several dialysis patients at a time. Support from the Nephrology Department is evident with the presence of an Internal Medicine consultant at all times. There are four patients assigned to a nurse, assuring patients and relatives of close and monitoring from their health care provider. Doctors are always available during dialysis.  The center is also proud to allow a no cash outlay for Low Flux Dialyzers and a minimal P300 per session cash out for High Flux Dialyzers. This is the only hospital in the area that allows this no balance billing practice. For emergency cases, nurses are prepared to answer calls and accompany the ambulance team in their conduction of emergency case patients. The nurses on duty follow strict infection protocols, minimizing the risk of the patients in contracting infections which can be very dangerous to their condition.